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Document Scanning in Houston, TX

GRM Records Management
10310 Harwin Drive
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Bridget Olan
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* 50,000 page minimum order size *
Royal Imaging (Hou)
6100 Corporate Drive Suite, 470
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Tom Jones
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10900 Northwest Freeway, Suite 122
Houston, TX 77092
Sales Contact: Brad Jenkins
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Medical Document Scanning Services in Houston

The scanning members in Houston offer our in-house document scanning services to guarantee our clients the most secure document scanning process while maintaining industry leading customer service.

  • Serving All Industries
  • All Paper sizes Letter/Legal/11x17
  • Wide Format Scanning/Printing
  • Pick-Up, Delivery, Ship or Web Base Services
  • Data Entry Services
  • Custom Packages Available

Houston area medical institutions, do you need medical file scanning? The following are quotes from others like you who needed medical scanning and contacted our members.

"Looking to find a company to scan and sort hospital billing sheets in the area south of Houston. Currently our reps keep this information in their homes and probably not HIPAA compliant"

"We have not converted to EMR yet, but would like the records scanned on disks (i.e. A-L, M-Q, etc.) to access if needed. Patient records and other information in Houston. If these could be compatible with EMR systems for later, all the better. Thank you!"

"We are interested in your scanning service for a physician client near Houston who is going on an EMR. Please contact me next week"

"Interested in preliminary information regarding medical records scanning options for a clinic in Houston."