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Document Scanning in Houston, TX

GRM Records Management
10310 Harwin Drive
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Bridget Olan
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* 50,000 page minimum order size *
Royal Imaging (Hou)
6100 Corporate Drive Suite, 470
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Tom Jones
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10900 Northwest Freeway, Suite 122
Houston, TX 77092
Sales Contact: Brad Jenkins
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Imaging Solutions Companies in Houston

Document Scanning Companies in Houston include scanning service companies who are full-service document management companies with many members offering services that include off-site records storage, off-site media vault protection, document scanning, web retrieval, secure destruction and retention consulting.  We allow customers to focus on their core business while reducing the cost and risk associated with digital imaging, document storage, service and protection of corporate information.

If you want to know what other projects in Houston the members of the association has done, please read actual requests from prospects just like you.

"We are evaluating digitizing our Insurance department records in Houston. We are interested in learning more about your business, security, storage formats and our ability to access these file."

"I am currently looking for a reputable company in Houston that we can utilize to scan our medical files. "

"We are an architectural firm with about 3-4 store rooms of documents in Houston. The content is a mix of large format architectural drawings and standard letter size project records."

"Do you scan medical records into an existing EMR system? If so, what would be the cost of scanning in Houstonof about 300 to 500 medical records with an average of 10 pages per chart"

"Need a quote on scanning our Houston based Patient files."

"We are sellers of an EMR. We have approx 10,000 medical records that need to be scanned for a client in Houston. We would like to receive a quote (ie. how your charge and price."

"Like to discuss hiring your company to help with scanning dental documents. I was looking for a company in ."

"We are looking for a company in Houston to scan our archived documents to searchable digital format. We have approximately 10 pallets of records at this time with more being added daily. "

"Looking for an estimate/quote for medical record scanning for 3 years of medical records approximately 260 charts per years with an approximate 1/4 thickness each. Do you scan to disk? Files are just outside of Houston."

"We have many drawings, mostly 24" x 36", that need to be imaged to reduce storage space at our off in in Houston. The files would also probably need to be shredded after archiving."

"I am looking for an approximate price for scanning, OCRing and archiving inactive legal files. I have approximately 110 banker boxes of inactive files in Houston. The files would also probably need to be shredded after archiving."