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Document Scanning in Houston, TX

GRM Records Management
10310 Harwin Drive
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Bridget Olan
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* 50,000 page minimum order size *
Royal Imaging (Hou)
6100 Corporate Drive Suite, 470
Houston, TX 77036
Sales Contact: Tom Jones
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10900 Northwest Freeway, Suite 122
Houston, TX 77092
Sales Contact: Brad Jenkins
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Patient Document Scanning Companies Serving Houston

Do you need a patient chart imaging service in Houston? The following are quotes from others like you who needed medical scanning and contacted our members.

"This would be chart scanning for EMR to get it done in a timely manner instead of years. Are you interested? We are in Houston. Our EMR is StreamlineMD. We literally have thousands of charts."

"Our office in Houston is going paperless. We are looking for a company that can scan our medical documents and files into our dental program in a fast manner for a reasonable price."

"I am interested in finding out how your company by Houston would scan onsite health information medical records and allow our company access to the record for billing and coding purposes and what that cost would be?"

"Would like information on the process of scanning medical charts and records storage just outside of ."

"We need to scan patient charts in Houston."

"Approximately 29,000 medical charts avg 175 pgs ea. some staples, some two sided notes, sticky notes removed et., & shredded after QA, completion. The files are in the north part of Houston."

What is the Cost in Houston of Scanning Medical Documents?

The cost to scan medical Documents depends on a number of factors:

  • Are there two sided documents in the file
  • Are there unusual documents in the chart such as, sticky notes, EKG charts, XRAYS, Color Photos, etc.
  • Are the documents stapled, clipped or bound together
  • How many pages are there in the charts
  • How much indexing needs to be done

Disaster Recovery, An Important Consideration in Houston

Hurricanes destroyed millions of pages of irreplaceable medical documents. Many of those documents included baseline medical test which eventually had to be redone at great expense. If the documents had been scanned and backed up offsite, they would not have been destroyed. Millions of patient chart images can be stored on an external hard disk drive which is the size of a hard bound novel.

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