Typical Requests For Services

I am looking for a scanning vendor we can use when a job comes up. I believe you cover pretty much all of Colorado so I am starting with your company first. Please email me back so that I can send you a list of what we are looking for and ge
I would like a quote on storing medical records. The records would consist of anywhere between 300-400 storage file boxes. Additionally I would like to know the cost of destroying the information after the minimum retention requirement (is it 7 or 10 years) and the cost to retrieve a record during the required holding period (7-10 years). It would be best for me if you could e-mail me information first and then I could follow-up with a phone call to clarify questions. Thank you.
Searching for a company to store clients electronic records with easy web-base access.
I would like information on the scanning services you provide.
We are an Escrow & Title Company that has approximately over 10,000 files to scan. My question is how much do you charge to scan and how is this process done